Free at Last, Thank God I’m Free at Last

July 29, 2004 at 3:41 am (Education)

College starts in 5 weeks (5? Right? Something like that). I’m sooooo glad I’m not in the dorms this year. Married life is great! And I couldn’t have taken another year in the dorms. I was starting to get rebellious. How anyone could live there for four years and not either a) lose their sanity, b) turn into a complete rebel or c) both, is beyond me. I guess it takes a certain type of person to be able to do it. I’m not one of them, and I am eternally grateful for being married and on my own this year. I might have done something crazy next year, like, like….WEAR JEANS TO CLASS! -gasp- It was starting at the end of last semester, after all. The rebelliousness, I mean.

I decided one night that I’d had enough of mandatory dorm devos. Personally, I found them completely unhelpful in any way, shape or form, other than to subject me to an overdose of female presence and make me more tired the next day because I didn’t get to bed at 10 like I needed to. ‘Cause, see, I’m one of those people that needs sleep to function. (If I’m not mistaken, I think the whole human race needs sleep to function, but either I need more of it, or everyone else gets too litte. The latter is my preference of opinion.) And when dorm devos were placed at 11pm the one night, when I had to get up at 6am the next morning for class, totalling what would have been about 4 hours of sleep (one hour for exceptionally long devos because of college days, 1 hour for people to settle down so I could have some peace and quiet, and 1 hour for the extra time for people to settle down because we were overrun with hyper high schoolers this particular week, making the end result of getting to sleep at 2am), I had had enough. I didn’t go! No, I didn’t. I took advantage of the hour of peace and quiet I’d have at curfew (not normal) to go to sleep, and I skipped the required indoctrination of Christian “spirituality”. Now I know this isn’t exactly earth-shaking rebelliousness, but you have to understand my personality. I don’t like conflict, you see. And I normally humbly submit to all rules, like a doormat, because, well, I don’t like conflict. Now, good rules I understand, and support willingly. Rules that have no good reason grate on me, but I obey them grudgingly. You know, all that stuff about obeying authority and all. But rules that aren’t even rules but they tell you are rules and you get an infraction for breaking them anyways are the breaking point for me.

So that’s why I took the infraction I got and appealed it. After all, I never signed anything that said I’d attend dorm devos every week. It’s not in the handbook. It’s not in the resident agreement. Or at least, it wasn’t last year. And I know there’s that little clause about the staff being able to change anything they want, but I’d think it at least common courtesy to inform me when they change something. The point is, they didn’t change anything, they just arbitrarily decided that us girls should have to go to dorm devos. As far as I know, this was never a mandate passed down from the Student Development gods. Now I know, once again, this is hardly earth-shaking. So I appealed an infraction for skipping dorm devos. Ooooooo. I’m going to hell now. Well, let me remind you, once again, that I despise conflict. To me, the peace-loving rule-keeper, that was some major conflict. But everyone breaks. And I broke. This small shatter was only the beginning of what could have been were I going to be in the dorms next year.

All this to say, I’m so glad I’m not in the dorms next year. I can breathe free air once again. I’ve been released from the endless torments of screaming, giggling girls at 12am, clean room check, and required dorm devos. And did I mention how incredibly freeing it is to be out past 11 without asking permission? Wow. I feel like an adult.

By the way, that infraction never did get overturned. I was asked if not having the infraction was the important thing, or the principle of the matter. I responded, the principle of the matter of course. I let it slide.

Heck with the infraction. I’ve got it framed and one day I’ll hang it on my wall, right next to my college diploma. A black smear on my perfect record (other than careless mistakes, like forgetting to do my dorm job).

-grins- It’s somehow satisfying.

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