A Lament of the Church

December 19, 2004 at 11:18 pm (Church, Song Lyrics/Poems By Me)

A lament in true Hebrew poetry form (except in English), that I wrote.

O God, hear us now
Open your ears to our cry
Have you abandoned your people?
Will you forget your chosen ones?

We are drowning in apathy
Our sins overcome us
The faithful are few
They cry out for help

We have hearts of stone
Cold and unyielding
Our minds are like sawdust
Empty and worthless

Our ears are deaf
We cannot hear your voice
Our eyes are blind
We cannot see your glory

And you, O Lord, you hide your face
You stand aside and watch us die
You give blessing to our fall
Will you indeed turn away and let us die?

Save us, Lord our God
Reach down your hand
Deliver us from ourselves
Make your presence known

Give us understanding hearts
Let our eyes see once more
Open our ears to hear again
O God, renew our minds

Remember those who seek you
Those who delight in your word
Do not forget your devoted ones
Your people who honor your name

The peoples spit in your face
For we have tarnished your name
Do not allow your name to be mocked
Show your people your power

Restore your people
Let us come into your presence
But cut off the wicked
Those who refuse to seek you

Then we will praise your name
We will shout of your greatness
All the world will hear our voice
And you will receive much glory

For our hope is only in you
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
If you do not act quickly
We will surely perish

We give thanks to the Lord
For he has heard our cry
He is faithful to his people
He will not forget them forever

He will not let them be a reproach
Ashamed before the face of the earth
But they will be a people of faith
And all the nations will look to the Lord

For he alone is God
Immeasurable in power and strength
He is gracious and faithful
His lovingkindness lasts forever

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