September 8, 2005 at 8:20 pm (Sortofgeeky)

I remember, a long time ago, it was at least 8th grade, maybe even 7th, when I first set up my website. I remember getting the brilliant idea that I, yes, even I, could have a website too! And in my Internet travels I happened upon Geocities. Ah, yes, Geocities. I remember surfing through the little neighborhoods, trying to decide which theme would fit my site best. I really liked the concept of separating the websites into little communities based on themes. They even had community pages highlighting websites, etc. It was kinda fun. And so I set up “On Wings of Love”, my very own personal website, at the location of Paris/Parc/8940. Paris was the romance district, I believe, because back then I was a hopeless romantic. I like to think I’m not hopeless anymore, but still a romantic, I think, just in a different way. At any rate…

I remember the first horrid site I built with Geocities’ simple page builder, with a bright red background and stark white lettering. Oh, it was awful. That didn’t last long. I knew it was horrible, so I purchased The Idiot’s Guide to HTML (now, it’s The Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Webpage and Blog). And with that book, I taught myself all I know about HTML, which isn’t extraordinary, but it was enough to get that blinding site off the Internet and at least get some decent graphics. I remember my second try: a pastel background with light roses brushed across it; I found some free graphics that kind of matched and sprinkled them liberally across the site. And there, On Wings of Love 2nd Edition was born. It stayed there for awhile in that form, with some of my love poetry, a page with links, and some cute lovey dovey quotes, and then, one day, I discovered a plethera of free Christian themes.

The hardest part about all those bordered themes was that I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most. So, if you visit my site now, you will see that every section has a different theme. I think the main page has a different theme than it had at first, but I can’t remember what it looked like at the present. Anyways, somewhere in there it made the transition from “On Wings of Love” to “On Wings of the Morning,” a site less about love and more about God. I wrote some random essays of my thoughts on different subjects, more poems, and began a section with lots of prooftexts (though I didn’t know that then). Then I went to college, and the site has been sadly neglected ever since. The biggest change during college was a new section on the Psalms that I began for my Counseling Youth class, but have never gotten around to finishing. I discovered borders a little too late, my husband tells me, but all the same, I am proud that I was even able to get them to work.

And so, somewhere in my college years, the site began to become a little more scholarly. Now, it’s a mish-mash of what it used to be and some bright prospects for the future, if I ever get around to re-thinking and (the hardest) re-doing it again.

What got me started on all this was that I randomly decided to visit my website, and got extremely annoyed at Yahoo! for putting those confounded ads that take up half my page on my site. I can handle a little banner at the top, but these things are just too much. Yahoo! really messed up Geocities when it bought them out. Geocities was a neat idea, an interesting concept – now it’s just another free webhoster with gargantuin (sp?) ads. So I’m sitting here thinking dark thoughts about Yahoo! and hoping that one day someone will revive the Geocities concept. And wondering if there’s somewhere else I could host my site…


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  1. Len said,

    You can host anything you want on Strateia. It may not have the nice community feel that Geocities did back when we got online in like 1997 or so, but it’s free with no ads.

    If you want another subdomain or something, let me know.

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