March 29, 2007 at 6:42 pm (Personal)

The other night, I was chatting with my folks, helping them come up with a name for their new car. It’s sort of a family tradition, you see, that the first three letters on the license plate somehow will form the vehicle’s “name.” This particular new car’s license plate was presenting my mother with quite the conundrum, as she was being very picky about the name, and so I got roped into the process. First, I was searching the Internet for possible names. Then, I was on Libronix searching the Hebrew Bible for possible Hebrew names. Then, finally, as I’m wearing thin, my dad says to me, “How about some of those gods from Stargate?” Well I didn’t know about any of those gods (actually, Goa’uld, if you are at all familiar with the show), but as a last resort, I sighed and said quite seriously, “No, but I suppose now you’re going to make me get out my Dictionary of Ancient Deities?” And before he could answer, obligingly I went directly to the afore mentioned book and paged to the appropriate section of the alphabet in the index. Suddenly, my dad chortled and said with great sarcasm, “Yes, because everyone has a Dictionary of Ancient Deities just laying around.” I paused in my search with sincere surprise, as it dawned on me that it was in fact rather odd that I just happened to have a Dictionary of Ancient Deities at my disposal. What was even more odd was that it had stopped occurring to me that it was not quite normal! As all this flew through my brain, I could only reply back, “Well, I am sorry, but you have apparently raised a very strange daughter…”

Then again…this did all start because they had to find the perfect name for their car. And who’s strange?



  1. wezlo said,

    Well, you are strange – but don’t worry, that’s a good thing…

  2. dr.q said,

    I have a few dictionaries of ancient deities as well. It’s OK, there’s treatments if we’ve caught it in time… 😉

  3. jhaas said,

    you are not strange you are interesting.

    what a great story. M, it is so vivid. i love that you have a Dictionary of Ancient Dieties… i know who to call!

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