Aramaic Mid-Term

March 10, 2008 at 3:01 pm (Education)

We just finished taking our Aramaic mid-term. *phew* I’m fairly certain that I’ll score at least an A-, which is saying something considering 2 weeks ago I was positive I’d get no better than a C. Now that we’re done with this, no more reproducing paradigms! The final is just translation. Calvin suggested having a little ceremony out on the lawn in front of the Academic building where we could burn the paradigms note cards we made, one by one, but I vetoed that idea!

Though I disagree pedagogically with how the class is being taught, I have to say that I feel like I have learned Aramaic, which is definitely a good thing. Next semester….Ugaritic!



  1. Calvin said,

    Actually, I suggested burning the note cards one by one while chanting the professor’s name. I thought it would make for a jovial time. Alas, my wife is a prude with no sense of humor. 😉

  2. eliana said,


  3. jimgetz said,


  4. Midterms « Random Bloggings said,

    […] Midterms March 12, 2008 Posted by Calvin in Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Personal Space, Religion. Tags: Aramaic, Biblical Aramaic, classes, graduate school, Pentateuch, Seminary, Theology of the Pentateuch trackback Mandy and I are finally through midterms, as she has already mentioned. […]

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