Fresh Start

May 23, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Sortofgeeky)

My computer has been acting up lately. It’s been doing funny things like crashing games at random (even games that don’t tax my system by any stretch of the imagination). And when it starts crashing games at random, I know that it’s time for a wipe. Of course, Calvin tells me that if I were running Linux, I wouldn’t have this problem. But alas, if I want to play the billions of games I have, I am chained to Windows.

I haven’t wiped this computer since we put it together back in 2005, so I’ve spent hours backing up all my files today. I’m very excited, as we bought 2GB of RAM as an upgrade for me. I have 1 GB right now (two 512 sticks), and three slots, so when all is said and done I’ll have 2.5GB. I’m hoping that this will give me a performance boost with some higher end games, like Oblivion (and solve the above average crashing with this game in particular; I’m thinking my computer may be having traffic jams when I play it…)

Anyways, really this is something to do while I wait for yet another backup to finish writing. Alas, it would be nice if I had an external USB hard drive to backup to, but we don’t…so it’s CD’s for now.



  1. Calvin said,

    After today, we really should get an external USB HDD. Oh, and you’ll only have 2GB because your motherboard only supports 2gigs of PC3200. But you should still see a nice performance boost. Now if I could just get you to run Linux.

  2. Len Flack said,

    Good luck with the reformat. Those are always a pain, but with Calvin there I’m sure you’ll do fine, even if you are going with Microsoft. 🙂

    The external HDD’s really do come in handy. I had a DVD-R/DVR set-top box that died, and when I did I pulled the DVD-R drive and the 160gig HDD out of it and bought cheap USB enclosures. The DVD-R has saved me from doing all the church sermon duplication on my Mac’s internal superdrive, but more importantly, the HDD has been great to have a regularly scheduled backup on. When I upgraded from Mac OS X Tiger to Leopard, I was able to quickly restore all my files and settings. Good stuff!

  3. Calvin said,

    Yeah. I didn’t mention it, but one of the reasons I want an external drive is so I have an easier time getting my files/documents back when I upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04LTS sometime this June.

  4. aboulet said,

    You should check eBay for external drives. I was able to get a 500GB MyBook for $175…BRAND NEW!

    You can get 250GB HD’s for between $75-$100 on eBay. It is definitely the way to go…especially if you have Time Machine.

  5. First Impressions of Ubuntu 8.04 « Random Bloggings said,

    […] My dual-boot is completely intact, and everything is working. Compare this to the time we had earlier this summer with Mandy’s computers and you’ll quickly see why I intend to never return to the […]

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